Class of 1969 - Doherty High School; Worcester Mass.

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Doherty Memorial High School - Class of 1969;  
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From our Class History; "... a passage from Charles Dickens' A Tale of Two Cities best summarizes our three years at Doherty. Those of us (who recall, I digress) Mrs. Green will Remember it well. 'it was the best of times - it was the worst of times; 'it was the age of wisdom - it was the age of foolishness; ' it was the epoch of belief - it was the epoch of incredulity,...; ' we had everything before us, - we had nothing before us.

Our graduation marked the end of three beautiful years, but more so, the beginning of a new life for all of us, whether we on to work, or on to further our education. Our experiences at Doherty will be some of the most meaningfull in our lives. "

(ed note; while it might not have been beautiful it certainly was something we all remember & have stories to tell and reflect upon)

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January 2015; Another year. As some have noticed I haven't been keeping this upto date. With facebook groups the information these days is instant. Been keeping this going since 2000 but after this year - It's unlikely as the time & cost to keep URL etc... but I wanted to let those that still come here know that aside from some classmates deaths there is also good news; OLLIE WILSON was selected by the Worcester Public Schools HOF committee for entrance in 2015. So I am pleased to announce that Worcester Public Schools Hall of Fame has selected Ollie Wilson as a member of the WPS HOF for 2015. I want to thank Dino for chasing some testimonials and Dave Weintraub for giving me the lead on the BB Champs that I was able to track down. My understanding is there were 47 submissions and 11 selections. The indoctrination will be in May (check the Telegram & Gazette tommorrow (Jan 21st 2015) as the full announcements will be published). Who knows maybe a group of us can attend. I'd wear the maroon & gold but I think a Vince Wilfork one might be easier to get into. I was amazed at the level of effort it takes to document a submission and the job the election committee does. I'll update this post with the information.
Jan - 2015; Regretably, the news is not always uplifting as we have lost the Class President from 1969.  See memoriam page.  Safe Travels Walter.
Welcome to 2014!  Good Tidings to all.
June 2014;  Two points;  The 45th Reunion scheduled has been cancelled (see below) and sad to report that Marilyn  Barnard, well known Gym Teacher at Doherty has passed away according to her daughter Carolyn.  I will fondly recall the joy Marilyn had when she attended the 25th reunion.

Dear Classmates,


As of right now we have not reached the minimum number of attendees to be able to host the reunion. We actually have received more RSVPs saying people will not be in attendance than people who will be. The committee has worked hard over the past year to make this a memorable event. We listened to feedback about the previous reunion, making this a more casual, less expensive event. It’s disappointing to see such a poor response when we know how fun the reunion could be.


It is with great regret that we have to cancel the 45th reunion. We apologize for the inconvenience and to those who were planning on attending. Shelley Witkin Kashuk will reimburse those who have already submitted payment.


In order to keep in touch and ensure a successful 50th reunion in 2019, please keep us updated with any email address changes. Contact information updates can be sent to Andrea Kotseas at or Shelley Witkin Kashuk at at any time.


Again, we are sorry for any disappointment or inconvenience caused by the cancellation, but we hope that we can make up for it at the 50th reunion.



The Reunion Committee



Dec - 2013;  A Big High 5 to the 2013 Division 4 Super Bowl Winning Doherty High School Football Team, it's coaches and all those involved. 


Well Done!


- - Reunion Specific Information; 45th


DMHS Class of 1969 45th Reunion
Saturday, July 19, 2014
Wachusett Village Inn Westminster, MA

Reunion Registration

or Just email Andrea;


Joan Perkins, Shelley Witkin Kashuk, Harriet Weissman Lowe, Myra Parelman Aframe, Scott Ravelson, Jimmy Patrick, Robyn Forman Golden and Andrea Kotseas

June 2013 -
yup, they are at it again!  Just in from Andrea;
SAVE THE DATE!   DMHS Class of 1969 


JULY 19, 2014   45 Years 

Details to follow
has it been that long...
- And thinking about years gone by checkout the blast from the past page about an interesting basketball game in 1967.  I recall Singas hitting those shots from the corner... thrilling w/b an understatement.
Dec 2012
- Happy Holidays everyone.
- check out the more where are they now page for our newest publisher
- Gloria Markowski passed away in November (I know I'm behind but these are sad state of affairs)
April 2012
- Paul Shilale emailed me and wondered where I have been with the updates!  I said it's sad when the only news is reporting that another classmate has passed away.   And yet another one has - you can read more in the Rememberance page about the two we have recently lost. Phil & Kevin we all wish u safe passage.
- BTW, do pass on interesting information on your travels
- Looks like the HTML Gear Guest Book addin was discontinued resulting in all prior comments being deleted.  Just added a new one and we can start again.  Guest Book is toward the bottom of this page.
April 2011 -
- wasn't it just great to get an April Fools Day snowstorm?  Amounts varied but it was Mother Nature reminding us about winter in spring!
- Speaking of great things; for all the Lady HiLanders this just in (see the guestbook for contact information)
Please join us on Friday, May 13th at 7pm for the 1st Lady Highlander Alumni Fund Raiser Reunion to benefit current Lady Highlander Athletes at; 
The Grill on the Hill
1929 Skyline Drive (Green Hill Golf Course)
Worcester, MA

$25 donation ~ appetizers ~ cash bar ~ raffle prizes

November 2010
- with great sadness to I report that Dr. Paul Woolf has passed away.  I don't think Paul ever missed a reunion and I never heard him utter an unkind word.  More on the memorial page.
- Doherty Memorial H.S. has all the old records and year books for Commerce High School. The Worcester School District provided the following info. To make a request you will need to address the letter to Att: Guidance Office, Doherty Memorial H.S., 299 Highland Street, worcester, MA 01602 and in the letter tell them what you want, Names, your contact, email and let them know years in attendance, date of Birth and anything that would help them to get the pictures, records, etc.
11//5/10 - updt the links on the hodgepodge page for classmates. Had to remove a few as they are no longer operative.  If anyone sees Dave Nader or Greg Dwyer let them know they need to provide update links if still in buisness.
September 2010
- September 19, 2010 received information that another classmate has passed away.  See the memorium page.  Thanks to Bob & Barry for passing the information along - we'll make sure Robin who now belongs to the ages is remembered.
April 2010
- Apr 19 2010:  another classmate Joe Boykins passed away see the memorium page.  Talk about a controversy - I remember Joe but do you think I can find him in the yearbook or commencement exercises (inlcluding the kids who rec'd there diplomas after the exercise that weren't listed).  Nope, so if someone has a picture or info - send it along.
ed note: mystery solved Joe is pictured in the class of 1970 graduation class.
January 2010
wow my first post of the new decade!  Can u imagine that many of us have made it here from the '60s.    Hopefully, many of us get to see the next decade as one CM stated at the reunion that they were surprised to see so many departed.  One can also see them on the Memorial Page -or- if someone is missing let me know.
Appreciate the pictures received from the 40th and like always I am behind in posting them and more "blasts" from the past.  I understand the class picture of the event seemed to have problems and refunds could be had.  We just don't seem to have any luck with reunion momentos when it comes to pictures.
Ok, Ok, I did post a Currency Conversion Calculator on the Class Bulletin Board that is right below the Worcester Weather.  This form can help you spend all that retirement money you have earned.
Nov 30, 2009. 
- Check out the blasts from the Past Page - wow!
- As I stumbled across the DMHS Focus Statement:

Doherty Memorial High School is implementing a school-wide effort to demonstrate measurable growth in students’ ability to read critically and respond thoughtfully in writing as evidenced by progress on external measures, such as the MCAS and the PSAT, and internal measures, such as the MAP and other common assessments.

What caught my eye are the words.  Does this mean we of the 1st full graduating class were shortchanged?  I don't think so as we have many people who have excelled.  We also have a number who have struggled and frankly the high school experience was not a high point.  Remember the fights in the parking lots after school?   DMHS is now very diversified and far from what I remember the composite of the student body was during those first three years.  Seems to me too much political correctness rather than what I experienced - Good Teaching and involvement and a slap in the head by the principle when you needed one - or was that Whalen!
March 12, 2009 - Ricky Ellbeg stopped in to say hello and continues to enjoy the site updates.  Speaking of updates he also sent along his own (see the Bio w/Pictures March update) to see how he has been doing. 
Also, a note of interest from Ricky for all you Bostom Marathoners,  "I'll be out with the team setting up a field first aid station in Natick for the Marathon again this year."
Also heard from Anne ChojnickyYes, Brad and I are still jetsetting between our apartments in NYC and Milan and for the last couple of years,   Although it would be nice to catch up with and see the faces from our high school class, unfortunately I'm across the pond in Italy from September until the middle of November, and must be a "no show" at the event.   And Dennis, we are not old, just matured a bit? Maybe yes, maybe no. 
It's also good to hear the kudos that have come in from a number of people on the "original" site.  We'll continue to keep it updated as best we can.
March 03, 2009 - Just finished a large update on MIA classmates (see the bulletin board page).   Thanks for your help.  There are still a number of MIAs over there so take a peek and see if you might know where they are. 
Feb 27, 2009 - A long lost Classmates has checked in to say hello.  Find out who it is below or go to the where are they now page.
Also, learned reunion payments changed from mid-sept to August 31st.  See the 40th reunion page. 
Also, some of you may not have received a "save the date card" as for some like me (who was wondering where it was) it was sent electronically to your email. 
Feb 23. 2009 - I found a picture of Stan Nodelman for the memoriam page that came from the 32nd reunion.  That is how I will always remember Stan.  I wish it came out better but it is from that yearbook that we got took for in terms of quality.  You can't believe how hard I fought and the hours invested to try and get them to send what was promised.  Since they were in Ohio they refused to do anything but provide refunds.   
Also, on the reunion page is a form that you can download and print with instructions on where to send your reunion payment  and who to make the payment for.  If you think you might attend you may want to send in the form w/o payment then follow up with payment when you are sure..
Feb 19, 2009 -  There is an update on the 40th including menu and costs on the 40th reunion page.  Don't have an address yet of where the payments are being sent so that is sure to be sent at sometime.  From what I can see it appears it is $60.00 for alumni and each guest (yipes!) plus $20.00 for an optional class 8x10 photo.  Although not stated it looks like a cash bar as well. 
December -
  Dec 27, 2008 - it is with great sadness that I report another Alumni has passed away - See the memorial page.
  Dec 14, 2008 - before I forget Happy Holidays!  Also, there is an update I picked up from another site on the reunion.  Pretty sad when it is not send directly to me!  Regardless,  it appears to offer discounted hotel rooms in Westborough.  Geez, so much for being a Worcester Class - Place is in Boylston and we can stay in Westborough.  BTW, if you are in early check out the Hanover theater (by the old post office that is now the federal bldg) on main street.  They have been doing a great job with quality shows and the place looks amazing!
  Dec 01, 2008 - ever wonder what became of Cecile Freedman?  Well check out the where are they now page as Cecile checks in to say Hi from Florida.  
 Nov 19, 2008 - check out the 40th reunion page for the Venue and Date - Mark your calendars!
 Nov 15, 2008 - A list of people has been compiled of classmates we cannot quite validate or are still missing.  Read about it on 40th reunion page on your left -or- go to the Class Bulletin Page to see the list - maybe you can assist in locating, 
  October 22 200840th Reunion for 2009 starting up.  Read about it on the 40th reunion page on your left. 
-- Also, I have moved alot of information that was here on the page to the '01 - '08 Update Page to make room for the next waves of information but also to maintain the historical info.

August 2008
August 27;   Hey the Tree checked in to tell us what's going on in his life these days - check out the "where are they now page".  Arlene Meyers is going to be all over us boys after reading it.  Yes, Arlene I'm still a wussy and waiting for the camera pill.  The Tree had some additional items that deserve placement here on the front page and will get to it shortly.
August 14;  read the more where are they now (indepth page)  for an update on a "class officer"; Ollie Wilson and his new (sort of) NFL Team.

General Interest and Going's On Area;
10-29-08The Asian Beetle War in worcester goes on;  for those in the area they are aware of this destructive insect but for those of you who have since departed the area.  Worcester discovered an insect called the Asian Beetle last year (it was actually discovered around 1998 but noone at that time knew what it was) which eats and kills all type of trees but especially Maple Trees.   
I saw one of these insects up close in a test tube and it is a "monster" insect.  Some 2 inches long and 1/2" wide!  The USDA and all sorts of govt and local people indicate it will take upward to 7 years before they are sure they have eradicated it.  To date;  of 635,000 trees within the regulated area, only 9,260 have been surveyed to date. Of that,  28 percent (2,558) have been found to be infested by the insect.
The affected area is around 72 square miles and mostly up in Greendale and North Worcester but includes parts of Holden, Boylston, W.Boylston and Shrewsbury.  They have to cut, shred and incerate the trees.  Unlike the solution they used in Jersey, NY & Chicago where they cut all trees within a 1/4 mile of the infected one they are trying to inject those trees with a solution that will kill the bug while protecting the tree.  Hopefully it works as those places are going to look awfully strange without Trees.  


2/19/08 Beetle Update from the T&G;  Richard A. Segersten stood outside his Inwood Road home yesterday afternoon with his neck craned upward.

The tree removal crew made quick work of the tree in the front yard next door; a few swipes of the chain saw here and there, and it was reduced to a street sign-height post. Mr. Segersten said the huge tree in his backyard was marked for removal, either yesterday or within the next few days. 

Suzanne M. Bond, a spokeswoman for the U.S. Department of Agriculture, said Phase 3 will officially go into effect Monday, although she said some work from earlier phases, including stump grinding, debris pickup and spot tree removal, will continue.

She said 13,028 infested and high-risk host trees — trees that may not be infested, but are species the invasive beetle tends to bore through — have been removed so far from the regulated area, which includes the city and parts of Shrewsbury, Holden, West Boylston and Boylston. She said 45 percent of the trees removed have been from 2 to around 5 inches in diameter at chest height.

“It’s not 13,000 mature, towering trees,” Ms. Bond said.

Overall, the process is moving ahead of schedule. The cooperative had expected to be done with tree removal in April, but said it appears crews will be done with Phase 3 in March. Then the eradication effort will go back to intensive survey efforts in the area to try and get a better sense of the scope of the infestation, she said.

It’s hard to overstate the utter transformation taking place in the northern section of the city. Stumps and woodchips line the streets. Newly impeccable lines of sight reveal views across entire neighborhoods, most with front and back yards now barren and exposed.

“It’s almost a surreal experience to drive into my neighborhood and up to my house with virtually no trees lining the streets,” said Fales Street resident Kate Davenport. “It looks like a new housing development with old houses.”


02/27/09  Bruce Brown, "I didn't know I was lost. Great website Dennis.

02/17/09 - Debra Price stopped by to say, "Hi Dennis! Thank you so much for being our website guru!  I've enjoyed the site a lot!"

01/09/09 - Robyn Katcoff checked in to say hello.  It has been such fun viewing the (class web) site.  You have done such a wonderful job on the site. Thanks again for a wonderful afternoon's entertainment.

11/18/08 - check out the where are they now page for some info on Susan Lebeaux and Saul Slovin.

11/25/08 - a long time MIA has been found.  An Airforce 20 year career man at that.  Check the bulletin board page for who it could be... 


Some recent kudos from some of our classmates;
From Betsy Binder:  just wanted to tell you thanks for the web site, i graduated in 70, but a lot of my friends were in 69 and got in touch with many of them from the web site.  Terri, Aimee, Candy and Maria used to hang out. Linda Cohan too who I just saw when I was in Worcester so......thanks again.
From Paula Harrington:  Just finished checking out the site and I see that everything is back up and running. Again, that was so funny to scroll down and see myself in that picture. Here in the Merced River Canyon, west entrance to Yosemite National Park, Ca. the weather is warming, wildflowers blooming and tourists getting ready to invade the area.  Been playing with stained-glass for 25 years.

First, let me thank you again for the fantastic website. Someone from the Class of 1971 who was planning their reunion spotted my email address on it and emailed me looking for my brother Paul. Because of your website, Paul will be attending his reunion next week! -- Charlie Horan

Dennis, the Web Site is great. I emailed a few people today. Can you post my email address? Nancy Bass

I visited the class website and was just astonished - what a fabulous site! I could tell a tremendous amount of work went into it. ... Robert Alan Epstein

Great web site! I am trying to figure out how to make the reunion. Timing is bad as I will be in Amsterdam the week before, then zip down to Florida but will try to figure out how to make the logistics work. It was fun to hear what all my high school pals are up to... Josh Gordon

- I love the site...I couldn't get off it!...Maria Leone

- Thanks to Dennis, I have been in-touch with so many of my old friends from DMHS!...Karen Freidberg

- First of all I'd like to thank-you and the site as I was able to reach Carol Mathieu - we talked for a long time and it was like old times -... Elaine Manneh

The Challenge Question Below - -- So far; we have Paula Freeman and Lydia Yanis & Through the Looking Glass was the theme!  Who are the other three?

MEET THE CHALLENGE - PREVIOUS Questions, Answers & for those Brave Souls - Responses:

Yours Truly & the Real Dawn Wells aka MaryAnn

Summer 01 Question: A Three hour tour - who can forget Gilligan Island (although some might try). We all remember the last line of the THeme song; "The Professor and Mary Ann here on Gilligan's Isle" but during it's first season it wasn't that but what?

Kudos to Carolyn Barndard & Lynn Berman who knew - Gilligan, the Skipper too, the millionaire and his wife, the Movie Star (orignally: and ALL THE REST) which became The Professor & MaryAnn HERE ON GILLIGANS ISLE!
ed note:  12/3/08 - who would have thought that several years later I'd have the opportunity to meet Dawn Wells.  Hmm., I wonder what I should ask next?

July 01 - Appears we have some music proficianados - Sue Spiegel, Dan Robbins, & Andrea Kotseas all matched the songs to the artists. Aligning them in order from Number 1 - 5 however stumped everyone. By the way they were listed in order from numbers 5 to 1 on the question and only needed to be reversed (who says tests aren't tricky;

5- Whooly Bully = Sam the Sham & the Pharohs
4- Mrs. Brown You've Got a Lovely Daughter = Hermin Hermits
3- Back in My Arms Again = The Supremes
2- Ticket To Ride = The Beatles
1- Help Me Rhonda = The Beach Boys

June: Congratulations to Dan The Tree Robbins and Andrea Kotseas who correctly named The Cisco Kid's horse; Diablo. They might not have been history buffs but they sure know their television.

Short Blurbs:
Send items of interest for this section as you come spend a few minutes with us. Not all news is good, but Not all new is bad either. If something special has happened to you or your family that you would like to share let us know.

Remember the Class Album

Current events & what is happening today with our class of '69 members.
- - 10/29/08 Our condolences to the Bombard and Trippi Familes in the loss of their respective fathers this week.  Jimmy Bombard played on the inter-high champion hockey team and Paul Trippi is one of our class officers.  You might remember Paul's father as he was an Art Teacher at Doherty for alot of years. (see memoriam page)

-- Support Your Local Theater in Southern Worcester County. Click on the site below

PickWick Players Theater Group Page; Click Here

Meet the Challenge!

Clipart of a pencil; Actual size=135 pixels wide

The Date June 10th, 1969 - The Place Commencement Exercise for DMHS69,  the question:
How many Girls & Boys were there are Commencement that were entitled to Graduate?
Who was John M. Shea?
... By the way,  still looking for the names of the Alumni at our Jr. High Prom.  Wasn't that entitled - Through the Looking Glass?

Can you name these Classmates
What was the ocassion?

NEED ANOTHER GOOD MYSTERY PHOTO.  Who might have one that they would like to share?

Click here to send answer or a new question


May; 5 of the sample 100 questions that immigrants must know to become a US Citizen were;

1. How many stripes are on the flag?
2. Why do we celebrate the 4th of July?
3. What are the names of each of the branches of our Govt?
4. What is the basic belief of the Declaration Of Indpendence
5. Name one right guaranteed by the First Amendment?

May answers; - in Honor of Memorial day;
1. 13
2. American's anniversiary of their independence
3. Legislative, executive, judicial
4. That all men are created equal (ed. note; & women too)
5. Guarantees freedom of speech, press, religion, peaceable assembly and requesting for changes in the government.

June 01: Well some people must not have been listening in social studies. There were no takers to the question; The four parts of the Declaration Of Independence are; 1. Preamble, 2, List of Grievances (King Edwards) 3. Statements of Rights & 4. Statement of Independence

Prior Months Answer; 6 more weeks of winter if the ground hog sees its shadow

Prior Month's winner: Karen (Friedberg) go to the head of the class.

You are DMHS69 Visitor Number:

Click the link below for the christmas Depot.
They have GREAT stuff for all events throughout
the year. I have acquired Dept 56 collectables
from them and they are excellent. Check out
their commerical section

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